Funding Our Activities


The Mass Timber Construction Journal is an open-source journal. In order to ensure the journal doesn't charge fees for publishing we rely on corporate sponsorship. Funding to the journal does not influence the aims and ethos of the journal. Rather the journal provides a platform for organisations who wish to connect with the academic community an opportunity to gain exposure. The journal values and attempts to foster industry-academic collaborations to ensure a viable future for all stakeholders involved in the global mass timber market.

If you are an corporation/organisation and would like to support this journal, please consider becoming a corporate sponsor. Your contribution will support all researchers, graduates to seasoned, gain valuable exposure for their work in an open source journal without the need to fund it themselves. We offer,

Brand Exposure
Naming association - creating a strong association between your brand and our publication on a global scale.
Brand presence - inclusion in media releases, provision of sponsor signs at events, logos on published materials, sponsor details on your website, brand in advertisements and newsletters, online posts will carry a 'sponsored by' message.

Product Sales / Exposure
Selling products into the research or education sector? Sponsors can promote product direct through our website, journal publication outputs, social media etc.
Media opportunities - naming rights, involvement with events e.g. logo presence, photo opportunities, media etc.

Tapping into markets - Never underestimate the power of connecting with and building communities. Sponsors have an opportunity to be part of something special and connect with an emerging market.

If you are interested, please contact the editor via the contact page for further details.

Special Edition Sponsorship Opportunity

BIM Service and Software Suppliers | Sponsorship Opportunity
The Mass Timber Construction Journal has just launched a special edition on "BIM and MTC". If you would like to be promoted with the naming rights to this special edition, including logos, branding etc. on the "outputs" (articles, EDM's, posts etc.) of the special edition, please enquire via the website, or message through LinkedIn.